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The Map and Coffee Spot Locator shown below is designed to help you find Coffee Spots where ever you are. Just put your address or postcode (or even a town or city, eg “Bristol”, will work) into the search box (marked “Address”) and the map will return all the Coffee Spots within your selected search radius. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific coffee shop, just type its name into search box. As long as Google knows about it, the resulting map will be centred on its location. What’s more, if it’s a Coffee Spot, it will appear in the centre of the map, on top of the little house symbol.

You can also browse the map and see what you find, but I wouldn’t recommend it because the software limits the number of icons it shows on any one map and I’ve already got more Coffee Spots than it will show on a single map! This is also an issue in London, where I’ve now visited more Coffee Spots than will show on a single map, so you may need to be more specific when typing the location (I usually use the major stations as landmarks!).

Coffee Spots are denoted by one of four icons:

coffee-cupA regular Coffee Spot, Saturday Short or Saturday Spot. This is the vast majority of the Coffee Spots on the map and is the default icon.

Takeaway Cup

A Coffee Spot which predominantly serves takeaway or which only serves coffee in takeaway cups.

Coffee Bean

A Coffee Spot which is a roaster or retailer only. If the roastery has a cafe attached or is inside a coffee shop, it will be shown using one of other two icons.

A Coffee Spot which is a diner or restaurant where food, rather than coffee, is the main focus of the business. Many also serve speciality coffee.

The middle two icons were made by Freepik from and are licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Note I’ve now resolved the issue of the map not displaying the information box correctly, although it still struggles to display correctly on my Smartphone (it works in landscape, but not in portrait).

However, this is only a temporary fix and I need to upgrade my mapping platform. The current platform, which is free, is now unsupported and creaking at the edges. The new service will cost me $35 a month, which I am looking to fund using my Patreon account. If you would like to support the Coffee Spot, then pledging just $1 a month would be a great help.

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