The Coffee Spot Guide to…

As time goes by I’ve been rolling out a series of Coffee Spots Guides to the various towns and cities that I’ve visited since I started the Coffee Spot in 2012. Each Guide has a short introduction, consisting of a few words about the town/city and why I like it. This is followed by a list of all the Coffee Spots, plus a handy map showing where they all are.

These are organised by region as follows:

The first thing to say about all of these Coffee Spots Guides is that they aren’t and never will be comprehensive. They’re also not a “Top Ten” or “Best of” list. They’re just the Coffee Spots that I’ve visited in a town/city (or potentially region), gathered together in one place. If somewhere’s not in the Guide (or indeed on the Coffee Spot) it probably just means that I didn’t have time to get to see it or it’s opened since I was last there.

The other thing to point out is that great coffee shops are opening all the time, a trend which shows no signs of slowing down. This is an excellent thing and long may it continue! The day when I can hang up my boots and say, of any town or city, “right, that’s it, I’ve done all the Coffee Spots, I can stop now” will be a sad day indeed and I hope it never comes.