At the bottom of each post, you will find a table with factual information about each coffee spot. To keep it short, I use the following terms:


  • where possible I give the full address, including postcode
  • for chains, the website is for the specific branch (if I can find one)
  • the phone number has the international dialling code first; if dialling from within the country, start with the digit in the brackets if there is one

Opening Times

  • where possible, these are the opening times taken from the coffee spot’s own website at the time of publication. However, opening times often change, so please check directly with the establishment if in doubt. If I’m aware of any changes, I will update the opening times.


  • Named roaster: coffee is provided by that roaster on a regular basis
  • Guests: coffee is sourced from various roasters, which change on a regular basis
  • Espresso: espresso-based drinks
  • Filter: hand-poured filter coffee
  • Bulk-brew: pre-brewed filter coffee in large batches (not used for new entries)
  • Batch-brew: Bulk-brew: pre-brewed filter coffee in small batches

Seating (where there is very limited seating, I try to be precise about numbers)

  • Sofas: anything that will take two or more people and isn’t a bench
  • Benches: anything that will take two or more people and isn’t a sofa
  • Comfy Chairs: armchairs and the like
  • Tables: tables with chairs
  • Bar: bar stools or high chairs lined up at a bar rather than around a table
  • Outside: any seating outside (usually tables)

Food (always check with the specific place for details)

  • Biscuits: very limited range of biscuits and perhaps a pastry or cake
  • Cakes: serves cakes and pastries
  • Sandwiches: take-away style sandwiches
  • Panini: sandwiches, baguettes or toasted sandwiches
  • Breakfast: offers cooked breakfasts and other breakfast options
  • Lunch: offers hot food at lunch-time
  • Restaurant: full meals

Service (if you get different service for different things, eg food or coffee, I try to say so)

  • Takeaway: takeaway only
  • Counter Service: order and collect at the counter
  • Order at Counter: order at counter, but delivered to your table
  • Table Service: order taken at your table

Payments (how you can pay)

  • Cash + Cards
  • Cash Only
  • Cards Only
  • Local options (e.g. QR Codes in some Asian cities)

Wifi (if I tried to connect to the wifi but failed, I will try to mention it)

  • Free: just connect and go
  • Free (with code): need a network code to connect on a secure connection
  • Free (with login): need to visit a webpage to gain access, but don’t have to register
  • Free (with registration): need to create an account
  • Paid for: have to pay to use the wifi

Power outlets

  • None: none (that I could find)
  • A Few: one or two, not necessarily that easy to find
  • Limited: power outlets are provided, but not at every table
  • Extensive: pretty much at every table

Chain (whether the place is part of a chain or not)

  • International: branches in multiple countries
  • Nationwide: branches all over the country
  • Regional: branches in one area, eg Scotland, South-west England
  • Local: branches in one city or a handful of branches across a few places
  • No: single or at most two outlets (although sometimes I’ll call a place with two branches a chain)

Visits: this is the date (or dates) when I visited for purposes of writing the entry.

At the start of 2015, I changed the information I presented in the table to include the roaster. To make room for this, I dropped the mobile phone coverage information. However, this is present on some of the older entries.

Mobile (mobile phone coverage as experienced by me on the T-Mobile network)

  • 3G: either 3G or HSPDS data services
  • Edge: a 2.5G data service
  • 2G: old-style GPRS data coverage
  • Voice: can make/receive voice calls (old school, I know)
  • None: no signal

As card use becomes ever more ubiquitous, in 2019, I changed the way I talk about payments. Whereas before I had listed brands of cards accepted, now I that if cards are taken, all common brands are accepted. However, the old system is still present on many of the older entries.

Cards (I assume that if credit cards are taken, then debit cards are also taken)

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex (American Express)

Please let me know what you think. Guidelines for comments are in the "Posts" drop-down menu.