Coffee at Home

My traditional Vietnamese cup-top filter from The Espresso Station in action at my friend's house in the USA.Although mostly writing about coffee shops, with the occasional sideline in travel writing, over the years since the Coffee Spot began (back in 2012), I’ve written a few articles about making coffee and coffee-making equipment, while also describing various coffee preparation methods. Then, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, I began a new Coffee at Home series, where I offer simple, practical advice about how to make great coffee at home.

This got me thinking about all the other articles I’d written over the years, and how they were scattered about the Coffee Spot’s 1,400+ posts. This, in turn, has led me to create this page, a single place to collate all the new and existing Coffee Spot content for those of you who want to improve your coffee making or who are just interested in seeing what else I’ve written. So here it is!

I’ve split the content into four broad areas, each of which now has its own page:

  • Making Coffee at Home, my new series, detailing simple methods and steps you can take to make great coffee at home
  • Coffee, my other new series, looking at coffee itself, including guides to buying coffee at home and coffee tasting
  • Coffee Preparation Methods, where you’ll find the different coffee making methods I’ve written about over the years
  • Coffee Equipment, which gathers together the various posts I’ve written on the coffee making equipment

Note that you’ll find some of the articles repeated on the different pages. For example, many of my Making Coffee at Home series are about coffee preparation methods, which you’ll also find on the Coffee Preparation Methods page. Similarly, some of them will turn up on the Coffee Equipment page since they are about specific pieces of coffee equipment.

However, I hope that you’ll find each page useful as a single source of all my articles on the subject.