Where to start? Well, it’s probably worth explaining the structure of the posts here on Brian’s Coffee Spot. Each post starts with a 100-200 word summary, which gives you the essential flavour of the place I’m blogging about.This is what appears on the Home page each time I post an entry.

If you like your blog posts like an espresso, short, concentrated and to the point, then this is for you and you need go no further. However, if you’d like to know more, just hit “Continue Reading” and you’ll get:

  • a photo-gallery of pictures of the coffee spot in question
  • a 450-550 word piece, expanding on my original thoughts
  • a table with opening times, facilities, contact details, etc

The gallery isn’t a slide-show by the way (unless I get the settings wrong when I set the gallery up); one of my pet hates is having moving/changing images on websites when I’m trying to read things, so I’ve disabled the slide-shows. If you want to see the other pictures you need to click on the “next” and “prev” buttons. You can also hover over the little squares at the top to see thumbnails of the pictures.

The 450-550 word piece is there for those of you who want to read more of my excellent (and modest!) writing. I generally expand on what I’ve said in the summary and touch on other areas if I’ve not had space to do so in the summary. You really don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.

Finally, the table at the bottom is full of all the facts you need to know, such as where the particular coffee spot is, how to get in touch (website and telephone), opening hours, service offered and so on. If you want to know what each of the entries actually mean, then you need the Glossary.


Each post is also entered into one or more categories, which tell you more about the particular coffee spot and also allow you to search for individual coffee spots by category. Please note that the categories are very subjective and should in no way be taken as a cast-iron definition of what a place is like.

You should also note that occasionally I’ll post a blog about the blog itself. These will go under the category “information”. An Information Post will always be in addition to the weekly posts, not in place of them, and will usually be about what I’ve posted, or about up-coming posts or trips. You can find a lot more of this sort of stuff on the Coffee Spot’s Facebook Page and Twitter Feed, but every now and then I’ll want to put something up on the Coffee Spot itself.

For a full list of the categories, visit the Categories page.


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