The Philosophy of Coffee Goes Green!

The new cover of my book, "The Philosophy of Coffee", published by the British Library, showing the familiar line drawing of a moka pot, but now with a dark green background, while the writing and line drawing are in gold.Breaking news: my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, has gone green! No, it’s not some environmental  improvement (although if you are worried about the carbon footprint of printing and shipping physical books, it is available as a handy e-book). Rather, The Philosophy of Coffee has had a makeover. Rather than the original pale blue cover, the folks at the British Library (who publish The Philosophy of Coffee) have gone with a deeper green, which you can see in the thumbnail and in the gallery below.

I must confess that I was rather fond of the old blue cover. However, with all the new additions to the Philosophies series (which now runs to 10 titles), I was told that it wasn’t standing out on the bookshelves and I’m not going to argue with the experts. Of course, you know what that means, don’t you? Anyone who bought a copy with the blue cover is out of date and has to immediately buy a new one with the green cover. I mean, that’s how it works, doesn’t it?

You can find out more about The Philosophy of Coffee after the gallery.

  • The orignal front cover of my book, The Philosophy of Coffee...
  • ... and the original back cover, sporting a pale blue colour scheme.
  • However, as of the summer of 2022, this is the new look...
  • ... with a striking, dark green colour scheme.
  • I'll leave you with the old and new covers side-by-side.
The orignal front cover of my book, The Philosophy of Coffee...1 ... and the original back cover, sporting a pale blue colour scheme.2 However, as of the summer of 2022, this is the new look...3 ... with a striking, dark green colour scheme.4 I'll leave you with the old and new covers side-by-side.5
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The Philosophy of Coffee was published 4½ years ago at the start of 2018. If you’re interested, you can read what I wrote about it at the time (which includes links to multiple reviews, some of which were even written by people I don’t know!), while there’s also a post about how the book came to be.

To quote from the book itself, it’s a “short, entertaining and illuminating introduction to the history and culture of coffee, from the humble origins of the bean in northeast Africa over a millennium ago, to what it is today, a global phenomenon that is enjoyed around the world.”. It’s also a fairly slim volume, at just over 15,000 words, with 15 beautiful illustrations sourced from the British Library collection.

I know I’m biased, but I’m very proud of my little book. It’s sold quite well (we’re talking thousands rather than tens of thousands of copies) which more than met the British Library’s expectations when it was published (to the extent that it was reprinted in the first year, which surprised everyone). It also continues to sell a few hundred copies annually, which is very gratifying.

Although it wasn’t the first in the Philosophies series (that was The Philosophy of Beards, a reprint of an original Victorian work) it was the first of the newly-written ones. I like to think that its success paved the way for the others, as well as providing a template for my fellow authors. If you want to know what I’ve made of them (well, the next four in the series), you can find my thoughts here. You can also buy copies from my website.

So that’s it. I just thought I’d give you a little update. I do have copies of The Philosophy of Coffee with the new green cover for sale if you’d like a signed copy direct from the author. Joking aside, please don’t feel you have to buy a new copy if you already have one with the old blue cover (although don’t let me stop you if you do want a new one). That said, if you are after one of the originals with blue cover, I don’t have any, having sold my last copy just before the green ones came out.

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