What follows is an eclectic mix of blogs, some coffee-related, some food-related and some completely unrelated! I don’t necessarily read all the blogs listed here but I have visited them all prior to listing them and like their style, content and/or philosophy.

The list is incomplete and one day I will update it…

Coffee Blogs (Active)

  • Cups of London Coffee: Daniel, a Brazilian in London, has set himself the interesting task of visiting every (independent) coffee shop in London!
  • Bean There At: run by a husband and wife team, Bean There At mostly cover London, but occasionally venture further afield.
  • Double Skinny Macchiato: run by my friend Bex, who, as well as reviewing coffee shops, also travels te world, writes about traveling the world and reviews films.
  • Brewing Coffee Manually: John, an air traffic controller from Illinois, dedicates himself to the art of making great (filter) coffee at home.
  • London’s Best Coffee App: technically not a blog, this is the app I use when I want to find somewhere in London. There are also entries, reviews and articles on the website.

COFFEE BLOGS (historic)

  • liquidjolt: my friend Alex, who used to write about coffee, owls and trees. Not necessarily in that order.
  • The Faerietale Foodie: my friend Chloe wrote about food, cooking and cocktails as well as coffee with a strong focus on London. These days she is editor of Caffeine Magazine!
  • A Southern Belle in London: my friend Kate brought her (southern) US perspective to life, travel, food and coffee.
  • Fancy a Cuppa?: Simon travelled the country in search of great places to have coffee and cake (he also drinks tea, but we won’t hold that against him). Then he and his wife moved to Australia (and wrote a great book about it!).
  • Coffee Guru App: my friend Greg wrote about coffee, food and photography, with an emphasis on his home town of Philadelphia. Also has an (iphone only) app listing independent coffee shops in USA, Canada and UK.

Food Blogs

  • Mondomulia: Guila has a great eye for a photograph and brings her power to bear of food of all sorts. There’s also a good deal of travel blogging going on!
  • Jess EatingEast: the adventures of my friend Jess as she eats her way around East London.

Other Blogs

  • The Life and Opinions of Andrew Rilstone: where my good friend Andrew Rilstone writes about his life and, err, opinions.
  • An Historian Goes to the Movies: another blog by another friend called Andrew. This one is a professional historian, Dr Andrew Larson, who writes about movies from his perspective as a professional historian.
  • Runaway Kiwi: Rebecca, aka Runaway Kiwi, writes one of the funniest blogs there is, talking about life in general and the ex-pat experience in London.

Other Stuff

  • Cool Short Stories: does what is says in the title. If anyone is interested in my (short) fiction, you can find some examples here.