Coffee Aroma

A carafe of coffee and a bright red cup from Coffee Aroma, Lincoln.I have to say that as I walked through the centre of Lincoln, I was not that hopeful. I’d heard great things about Coffee Aroma, but as I looked about me it didn’t seem to be the sort of place where I was going to find top-notch coffee: I really should have had more faith. If anything, Coffee Aroma was undersold.

That said, Coffee Aroma takes no prisoners. It knows what it wants to do and it does it without compromise. In this respect, the attitude reminds me of London’s Street Coffee. For example, the espresso comes with a small bottle of sparkling water as default, all tastefully arranged on a bespoke wooden tray. This is nice, but some might baulk at the £3 price tag that this attracts. Similarly, you want decaf? Not in Coffee Aroma you don’t (the explanation given to me was that the staff can’t find a decaf bean they like).

If you can accept these restrictions, then you’ll find that Coffee Aroma serves some very good coffee in lovely surroundings, especially upstairs, which I loved. The staff were also very friendly and engaging, as well as being passionate about their coffee.

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