Ireland 2019: Videos

My Travel Press, at a stop on the southern part of the Ring of Kerry, overlooking Abbey Island with the Lambs Head headland beyond that, and, in the far distance, the Bere Peninsular.This is a companion piece to my post, Travels with my Coffee: Ireland 2019. During that post, I restricted myself to pictures of my coffee (specifically my Travel Press and Therma Cup), although I did take around 500 pictures during the whole trip.

As a result, I could bore you with gallery after gallery of the amazing scenery. However, rather than do that, I’ve decided to compromise and instead post the following short videos that I took, which, I hope, will give you a feel of the place and particularly of how windy it was!

Powerscourt Waterfall

This is Ireland’s highest waterfall at 121m. One of the advantages of visiting in October, when it had been raining for days, is that the waterfalls were all in full flow!


Glenmacnass River

The Glenmacnass River rises in the Wicklow Mountains and, for quite a long stretch, it runs alongside the Old Military Road. This is a particularly lively stretch of the river just before the Glenmacnass Waterfall. You start to get a feel from the video of just how windy it was!


I spent half a day hiking around Glendalough, an amazing natural lake in a steep-sided, glaciated valley in the southern part of the Wicklow Mountains. Once again, check out how windy it is!


Poulanass Waterfall

After visiting Glendalough itself, I took a short hike up the Poulanass Waterfall (waterfalls, as you can see, feature heavily in my videos).

Torc Waterfall

Two days later, I was in Killarney National Park in County Kerry, where there was yet another waterfall, Torc, where I started my day.


Ring of Kerry

Time for some views of the amazing Atlantic coastline on the southern stretch of  the Ring of Kerry. This is a small bay with a sandy beach between Westcove and Caherdaniel.



The beach at Waterville was about as windy as it got that day. This is the view north, panning west and then south for a view around the bay.


Ballaghisheen Pass

I’ll leave you with a 360 degree view of the road and the surrounding mountains right in the middle of the Ring of Kerry. I took this having just crossed over the Ballaghisheen Pass, heading northeast on my way back to my hotel.