2013 Awards – Railway Stations

An espresso, in a classic white cup on a white saucer on a tableThe next shortlist for the 2013 Coffee Spot Awards is the “Best Coffee Spot near a Railway Station” Award. This Award is new for 2013 and rewards those Coffee Spots serving great coffee to desperate travellers on Britain’s rail network.

When you’re desperate for good coffee, railway stations are rarely the best places to be. But what if there was a great Coffee Spot just outside the station or a few minutes’ walk away and you didn’t know about it? Then this award is for you…

You can see the shortlist after the gallery.

  • Pink Lane Coffee, opposite Newcastle Station
  • The Press Room across the road from Surbiton Station
  • Hart's Bakery, under Bristol's Temple Meads Station
  • Yorks Bakery Cafe in the heart of Birmingham, a few minutes walk from New Street.
  • 6/8 Kafe, also in the heart of Birmingham, also a few minutes walk from New Street.
Pink Lane Coffee, opposite Newcastle Station1 The Press Room across the road from Surbiton Station2 Hart's Bakery, under Bristol's Temple Meads Station3 Yorks Bakery Cafe in the heart of Birmingham, a few minutes walk from New Street.4 6/8 Kafe, also in the heart of Birmingham, also a few minutes walk from New Street.5
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There are five Coffee Spots on the shortlist this year, all listed in order of publication.

One of the intimate nooks in Pink Lane Coffee, appropriately enough painted pink...Pink Lane Coffee

Right across the road from the main entrance to Newcastle‘s mainline station, Pink Lane Coffee is definitely worth a small excursion if you have any length of wait for your train. Tucked away on Pink Lane, it’s easy enough to find once you know its there and serves some of the best coffee you’ll get wherever you are! If you have time to linger, it’s also a lovely place to sit and drink your coffee…


An excellent double-shot Cortado from The Press Room

The Press Room

The Press Room could easily have made it into the “Best Neighbourhood Coffee Spot” category. It’s a lovely, friendly space, just across the road from Surbiton railway station. It also serves some excellent coffee and is definitely worth popping into if you happen to be passing. It’s even worth finding an excuse to break your journey if you can…


Hart's Bakery, in one of the arches under the Approach Road to Bristol Temple Meads Station

Hart’s Bakery

Located under an arch on the approach road to Bristol‘s Temple Meads station, Hart’s Bakery is definitely worth popping out from Temple Meads if you have the time. The coffee is excellent, but the cakes and other baked goods (pasties, toasted sandwiches) are awesome. If you’ve got the time, sit at one of the benches and watch the Laura (Hart) and her team at work, baking the day’s goodies. If not, grab your coffee and head up the metal staircase to catch your train. Hart’s is also in the running for “Best Cake” and “Best Cheese Toastie” Awards.

The front of Yorks Bakery CafeYorks Bakery Cafe

In the heart of Birmingham, Yorks Bakery Cafe is a wonderful place, with great food, excellent cake and lovely coffee. It’s definitely worth the five minute walk (although you’d best leave yourself ten minutes) from Birmingham’s New Street Station. If you have the chance, give yourself an hour or two between trains just to be sure you have the time to do the place justice!

A 6/8 Kafe takeaway cup6/8 Kafé

Of course, if you are going to make a trip to Yorks Bakery Cafe, you could just as well head to 6/8 Kafe, another wonderful spot right in the heart of Birmingham (6/8, Yorks and New Street form a triangle in the city centre). In fact, you really ought to give yourself about three hours between trains so that you can visit them both!


I’ve concentrated on places near large railway stations, the sort that you might have a little while to wait while changing trains. However, a special mention also goes to the following Coffee Spots which are at smaller stations: Doctor Espresso Caffetteria opposite Putney Bridge; The Fields Beneath under Kentish Town West; Brown & Green at Crystal Palace Station.

And the winner is Pink Lane Coffee!
Runners-up: Yorks Bakery Cafe6/8 Kafé

You can find all 20 of the 2013 Coffee Spot Awards here.

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