Hope & Glory UK Coffee Survey

Hope & GloryThere’s no Wednesday Archive Spot today. Instead, here’s a quick plea about the Hope & Glory UK Coffee Survey. The nice people at Hope & Glory are running a UK coffee survey and everyone who fills it out will be entered into a prize draw to win some coffee. A year’s supply of coffee, if I’ve read things correctly. Now, I’ve already completed the survey, which means that for every additional person who fills it out, my chances of winning are diluted. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

So, here’s the thing. NO-ONE IS TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY. Tell all your friends and ensure that they don’t fill it out either. In case anyone stumbles across the link and accidentally clicks on it out of curiosity, this is what it looks like:


Remember, if you see this link, don’t click on it and, whatever you do, DON’T FILL OUT THE SURVEY!

That will be all.

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2 thoughts on “Hope & Glory UK Coffee Survey

  1. Hello Brian, I like your posts and peak whenever I have time now that I know you. But I feed on pictures! Coffee smelling and tasting – too far, so I trust you for that. I love seeing the ambiance (my job: analyze-dissect and inhale – “the feel”, the vibe, and the details architectural and artful, what other people do…designers) So please take a lot of pictures for me and other “spectators” like me. thanks! Lana

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