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The writing on the window says all I need to know about Brew's attitude: "Coffee, Coffee, Coffee & Tea. Dogs, Children & Coffee Snobs Welcome."The biggest issue I had with Brew was finding it. About as far north from the centre of Oxford as Quarter Horse is east of it on the Cowley Road, Brew sits on North Parade Avenue between Banbury and Woodstock Road. Not that Google was having any of it, refusing even to acknowledge that Brew existed (the good news is that Brew’s now made it onto Googlemaps!). In the end, I was indebted to Dan of Zappi’s Bike Café for showing me the way.

Brew, however, is well worth finding. Owned by Drew and Will, the people behind The Keen Bean Coffee Club, Brew is a delightful little space, one of the most beautiful settings for a Coffee Spot that I’ve come across. As the name suggests, Brew’s focus is on filter coffee, rather than espresso, although that doesn’t stop it from having an iconic Elektra cylinder espresso machine gracing its counter-top.

Brew acts as a showcase for local Ue Coffee Roasters, carrying a full range of its beans for sale, three of which are available through the V60 filters on the counter. These rotate on a regular basis, a new bean coming on every six weeks or so.

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.

  • Brew, when you get there, is hard to miss with its big window sign. The door's on the left.
  • In case you're wondering, you need North Parade Avenue, here at the Banbury Road end.
  • Go through the door, turn right and through another door and you step into Brew.
  • A quick tour, clockwise around the room. To the right of counter: coffee!
  • Next, a lovely pair of tables in the window.
  • Then comes the door itself.
  • To the left of the door, the rest of the tables and seating. Excuse the mess: that's mine.
  • The two remaining tables in detail.
  • This corner looks (and is) very cosy.
  • I liked the light-fittings...
  • ... and the mirror, which I thought was an excellent feature.
  • The central light hanging from the ceiling was lovely too.
  • And here we are, back at the counter...
  • The grinder is for the filter coffee, either to drink in, or if you need beans grinding for home.
  • The record player is a nice touch. As is the stack of records available to play.
  • The shelf of coffee and coffee-kit in more detail.
  • There's another one behind the counter.
  • There's also tea, for those of that persuasion. The decaf, by the way, is coffee...
  • Talking of which, there's lots of coffee for sale. There are brown bags...
  • ... and black bags...
  • ... and more black bags...
  • ... and more brown bags.
  • So, what to have? Drew waits patiently behind the counter.
  • Nice menu...
  • Something from the espresso machine, perhaps?
  • A nice flat white, maybe?
  • No, today I think it shall be filter, in honour of Brew.
  • But which one? The Sumatran Gegarang I think.
  • Drew sets to work: first pour for the bloom...
  • ...second pour for the brew. Drew, by the way, is as cheerful as he looks. One happy barista!
  • Now leave it to brew...
  • ... and here it is! Lovely.
  • I think cake is required. Those cupcakes look wonderful. Neat boxes too.
  • I went for a red velvet cupcake in the end.
  • It takes some dedication to serve decaf in Brew. First the hopper is removed from the grinder.
  • Then beans are placed directly in the grinder and the little lid put on.
  • Next up, I got an espresso masterclass from Drew. First, place your glass...
  • Ooops, not quite right! There, that's better!
  • Nice pour...
  • ... and great crema.
  • Almost done.
  • The final output: a decaf piccolo with superb latte-art.
  • Now, a brewing masterclass. First, fill your kettle.
  • Then put the freshly ground beans in the pre-rinsed filter paper...
  • Now for the first pour...
  • ... and leave to bloom.
  • The second pour...
  • ... topping up the filters in turn.
  • And leave to brew.
  • The first one is done.
  • And here it is, ready for drinking.
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Brew was, in the words of co-owner Drew, a “boring software shop” in a previous incarnation, but there is little evidence of that now. Brew has completely revamped the space, resulting in one of the most delightful settings for a coffee shop that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

Essentially square, there’s not a lot to Brew. The door is in the left-hand corner, with the counter diagonally opposite. On the wall to the right of the counter is a large shelving unit, displaying Brew’s wide range of beans from Ue Coffee, along with a selection of coffee-making equipment. Directly opposite the counter is a large window, which floods the place with natural light, and around the remaining walls there’s a wooden bench, broken only for the door.

There are four small, two-person tables, two ahead of you by the window as you come in and two to your left. In all you could probably get 20 people seated inside, as long as everyone was very friendly. However, this didn’t stop a constant stream of people visiting during the two hours that I was there, a mix of takeaway customers and those looking for a longer stay.

The interior is done out in wood: wooden floorboards, bench, tables and counter, with half-height wood panelling on the walls. The top halves of the walls are painted a warm yellow, which goes well with the brass light-fittings and the brass cylinder of the Elektra. With perhaps a nod to the location of their other store (Keen Bean is located inside the Truck Record Store on the Cowley Road), Drew and Will have put a vinyl record player under the coffee shelf and encourage customers to select their own music.

So, to the coffee. With space at a premium, Brew has a cylindrical Elektra espresso machine. This fine, shiny beast looks as if it could have come straight out of the 1930s, but was, in fact, made in 2012! However, this leaves just enough room on the counter for a grinder, a rack with two V60 pour-over filters and a tray of cakes. There’s a second grinder down by the record player for the filter coffee.

The lack of a second, dedicated espresso-grinder doesn’t stop Brew offering a decaf option on the espresso machine; Drew simply takes the hopper off, flushes the grinder, then grinds a single dose of the decaf beans before reassembling the whole lot. Now that’s dedication!

However, I forwent the pleasures of the Elektra and selected the Sumatran Gegarang through the V60 since I was keen to try UE’s non-espresso offerings. I was rewarded with a very fine cup of coffee, with a complex taste, but not too fruity. I matched this with a red velvet cupcake which was just as good, rich, moist cake, thick, creamy icing, but not too sweet.

As well as the coffee, cake and setting, the other thing that really impressed me was Drew. In an industry full of engaging, friendly baristas, Drew really stood out as one of the happiest and friendliest I have come across. This friendliness is infectious, although as Drew himself points out, Brew is such a small place, there’s really nowhere to hide, forcing the customers to engage whether they like it or not!

Monday 08:30 – 17:30 Roaster Ue Coffee (espresso + filter)
Tuesday 08:30 – 17:30 Seating  Benches, Tables
Wednesday 08:30 – 17:30 Food Cake
Thursday 08:30 – 17:30 Service Counter
Friday 08:30 – 17:30 Payment Cash Only
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00 Wifi No
Sunday 10:00 – 17:00 Power Limited
Chain Local Visits 18th January 2014

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