The 2019 Sprudgie Awards

The official Sprudgie Award nomination for the Best Coffee Writing Award.I received an unexpected and very welcome surprise on Friday last week (who says Friday 13th is unlucky?) when the Coffee Spot was nominated for a Sprudgie. A what, I hear (some of) you ask? The Sprudgies are annual awards (decided by popular vote) from Sprudge, the US-based speciality coffee website, known from its mix of news, features and city guides (which I’ve used on my various travels).

The Sprudgie Awards are now into their 11th year. First came the nominations, in November, when Sprudge readers were invited to make suggestions in 12 categories. These were whittled down to eight contenders per category, the shortlists being announced on Friday, when voting opened. Anyone is free to vote (and if you really don’t like any of the shortlists, you can write in your own candidate). I’ve been nominated in the “Best Coffee Writing” category and would be delighted if you’d vote for me!

You can read more about the Sprudgies after the break.

The Best Coffee Writing Award was introduced in 2011, with Oliver Strand, no less, being the inaugural winner. Other notable winners include Matt Perger, Scott Rao and Colin Harmon of 3FE fame. So, I’m in good company. Or I will be if I win!

In fairness, I’m already in pretty good company. This year’s shortlist includes:

There are seven awesome writers on the shortlist (eight if you include me), some of which are new to me. I recommend you check them all out.

I can’t go through all the remaining 11 categories, but a few names did spring out at me, including Dear Green, nominated for the “Notable Roaster” category, James Hoffman (Best Coffee Video / Film), Cat & Cloud (Best Coffee Podcast), 3FE (Sustainable Café) and Coffee Collective (Best Design / Packaging).

As much as I’d like everyone to vote for me, please, if you have the time, also take a look through the other 11 categories and vote there as well.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for me, and fingers crossed for January!

January 2020: the results are in! Once again, thanks to everyone who voted for me. You can find the full list of winners here. Sadly, I didn’t win, but congratulations to Umeko Motoyoshi, author of The @WastingCoffee Guide To Not Wasting Coffee who won the Best Coffee Writing Award.

It’s probably worth mentioning, if you are new to the Coffee Spot, that I’ve also written a book, The Philosophy of Coffee, available on-line, from all good book shops and direct from me.

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