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Espresso, the Coffee Angel wayYou’ve got to love a place that calls itself Coffee Angel, and so it is with Coffee Angel in Edinburgh’s New Town. The coffee is excellent, there’s a good range of cakes and it also has some food options.  What I liked best about Coffee Angel is the look and feel of the place; it’s definitely somewhere you could linger the whole afternoon and the friendly and helpful staff don’t look as if they’d mind.

It’s got free wifi and an excellent range of seating: sofas for lounging, tables for working, bar stools for perching and outside seating for that rare thing in Scotland, a sunny day! I really, really loved the place. The only downside I could see was that there weren’t any power sockets for my laptop.

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Quite often I’m drawn to a place just by my first impression when walking by. So it was with the Coffee Angel; I came past one winter’s day in January and thought “that’s worth a try”. Unfortunately, back then I was in a hurry to meet a friend for lunch in the centre of town, so I gave it a miss. However, when I wandered past again this August, I stopped in.

The first thing to say is that the coffee’s great. I had the usual test case, a single espresso, which turned out to be short with a good crema and full body. It also tasted every bit as good as it looked. The cups are cute too. I know it shouldn’t matter, but for some reason it does to me.

It’s got a good range of the usual cakes and sweet things and also a small range of food.  Other than the coffee, what struck me was the ambiance. Brown woodwork and whitewashed walls created a very uniform theme that was matched by the staff uniforms and the furniture. I know it doesn’t sound very promising, but trust me, it really works: it all felt very calm and uncluttered.

I was there mid-afternoon and everything was very relaxed, including the staff (but in a good way: service was prompt and cheerful, even when I was being awkward). Coffee Angel’s probably got one of the best range of seating in any place I’ve been; sofas and comfy chairs in the corners, plenty of tables and chairs, outside seating for the occasional sunny day and finally, a couple of bars with an ample number of high-stools that you can perch on and watch the world go by.

The clientele was just as varied: a few of us with our laptops (the free wifi was a bonus, but I couldn’t see anywhere to plug my laptop in), a couple of people doing work, a pair of young mothers and their babies and two guys in suits discussing business over their lattes. No-one looked hurried and it seemed the ideal place to linger all afternoon if need be. It filled up as the afternoon went on and definitely seems to be a place for pretty much everyone.

A personal downside to Coffee Angel is that it’s not anywhere near anywhere I want to be, although when I walk from my friends’ place in Leith to the centre of town along the Water of Leith, I go right past it. Somehow I think that might be my preferred route into town from now on (unless it’s raining, in which case the No 22 bus is still my friend). However, if I worked in the area, it would definitely be my number one spot for an afternoon coffee break and if I lived around the corner, I’d probably be in there all the time.

24-27 BRANDON TERRACE • EDINBURGH • EH3 5DZ +44 (0) 131 622 6235
Monday 07:30 – 19.00 Seating Sofas, comfortable chairs, table, bar, outside
Tuesday 07:30 – 19.00 Food Cakes, Panini
Wednesday 07:30 – 19.00 Service Order at Counter, deliver to table
Thursday 07:30 – 19.00 Cards Visa, Mastercard, Amex
Friday 07:30 – 19.00 Wifi Free
Saturday 08:30 – 19.00 Power No
Sunday 10:00 – 19.00 Mobile 3G, Voice
Chain No Visits 2nd August 2012

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  1. I suspect power outlets are going to become less and less important to places like this as more people move to tablets with longer battery lives instead of traditional laptops.

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