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A shot of the Mayni coffee, served as an espresso in a classic white cup at Caffeina Coffi.If you are used to travelling to/through North Wales on the A55 expressway, Prestatyn is one of many places you’ll bypass, probably without even noticing. Despite growing up nearby, it’s not somewhere I have visited very often, even though it’s just one stop further on along the North Wales line from my regular station. However, with the opening of Caffeina Coffi in June this year, I sense that this is going to change. Located on the High Street, a short stroll from both bus and train stations, and with plentiful free parking nearby, there really is no reason not to visit. You can sit outside in the shade of nearby trees, or inside in the minimalist interior.

When it comes to coffee, Caffeina Coffi serves a Peruvian single-origin from Easy José, with a guest espresso from Heartland Coffee Roasters, all the shots pulled on a brand new Victoria Arduino Eagle One (the first, I believe, in North Wales). There are also plans for pour-over in due course, while Caffeina Coffi offers a range of loose leaf tea and a series of iced special drinks. If you’re hungry, there’s a concise brunch menu, backed up by a small selection of (excellent) cakes.

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.

  • Caffeina Coffi, a new name on Prestatyn's leafy High Street.
  • Two of the four two-person tables outside on the broad pavement.
  • Interesting notice board.
  • The door's on the left-hand side. Let's go in, shall we?
  • The view straight ahead from just inside the door.
  • Just inside the door is a three-person bar on the left, followed by some retail shelves...
  • ... while opposite that on the right is a white sofa against the wall.
  • A better view of the coffee table and two armchairs that go with the sofa.
  • And the sofa itself, in all its glory.
  • The rear half of Caffeina Coffi has the counter on the left-hand side...
  • ... and the remaining seating on the right.
  • This consists of a row of five round tables against a line of benches. The middle three...
  • ... are two-person, while the first and the last (seen here) are three-person tables.
  • Let's round things off with a view from the back.
  • Although the decor is predominantly white, there are plenty of potted plants like this one.
  • There's also a chiller cabinet for soft drinks, and, next to that...
  • ... a small set of retail shelves with the Mayni coffee taking centre stage...
  • ... apart from a solitary bag of the guest from Heartland Coffee Roasters in the middle.
  • You order and pay at the counter (left) while the espresso machine is on the right.
  • Meanwhile, the short end of the counter has cakes and bagels, facing you as you enter.
  • There's a full food menu on the counter next to the till...
  • ... with the drinks menu on the back wall, to the right of counter.
  • Bags of the house coffee, from the Mayni indigenous people, roasted by Easy José...
  • ... line up behind the counter with bags of the guest, the Los Nogales Natural.
  • You'll also find the non-dairy alternatives behind the counter to the right.
  • Amanda and I were there for breakfast, starting with a flat white and a cortado.
  • My cortado was on the small side (perhaps more of a piccolo), but lovely...
  • ... while Amanda's flat white was much smoother.
  • I had a falafel and hummus bagel for my breakfast...
  • ... while Amanda, true to form, had toast and jam.
  • I returned a few days later to try the Mayni coffee as an espresso.
  • Served in a classic white cup, it was lovely...
  • ... with the acidity of the coffee really shining through.
  • I also had the guest espresso, the Los Nogales Natural from El Salvador, but I'll leave you...
  • ... with the awesome pecan and salted sticky toffee bun which I took home to Amanda.
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Caffeina Coffi is towards the top end of Prestatyn High Street, just down from the train station on the western side. Occupying what was an outdoor shop, the modest shop front is tucked between the Post Office and a hospice shop. Four two-person tables stand in a square on the broad pavement, under the shade of a pair of trees and, while the road can be busy, it’s actually quite a quiet spot.

The front is almost all glass, with a glass door on the left and a large window occupying the right-hand side. Stepping inside, the layout is simple, with a three-person bar ahead of you against the left-wall and, opposite it against the right-hand wall, a large, white sofa, flanked by two large, potted plants, and facing a pair of armchairs over a glass coffee table.

Beyond this, on the left, is the counter, the short side, facing the door, lined with cakes and bagels, while the long side has the till, where you order and pay, then the Eagle One espresso machine and its grinders. Opposite this is the remaining seating, five round tables against a row of benches down the right-hand wall. The first and last of these are three-person, while the middle three seat two people each.

The minimalist décor is predominantly white, with additional hints of white. Even the furniture is white, with the exception of the armchairs and stools (which are black). The bar next to the door, the benches opposite the counter, and the floor are all wood, offering a nice touch of warmth, while the addition of multiple pot plants really lifts the space. The overall effect is a relaxing one, with the high ceilings and large window adding to a sense of space and light.

When it comes to coffee, Caffeina Coffi has chosen Easy José and its Mayni single-origin from Peru. The Mayni, an indigenous people living in the Pango region of the Peruvian cloud forests, grow and process the coffee themselves, with Caffeina Coffi being the first coffee shop in Wales to offer it. A washed coffee with classic chocolate and nut notes, it is complimented by a guest espresso, currently the Los Nogales Natural from the Jasal Cooperative in El Salvador, roasted by Heartland Coffee Roasters.

Amanda and I visited for breakfast, and, while I went for a falafel and hummus bagel, with roasted peppers and salad leaves, it will come as no surprise to those of you who followed our adventures in Iceland, that Amanda had toast and jam. We paired this with a flat white (Amanda) and a cortado (me), both made with the Mayni coffee.

In the flat white, this was rich and smooth, while in the cortado (which was very short, perhaps more of a piccolo), the coffee came through very strongly, with a touch of acidity on the first sip. I returned on my own a few days later, when I tried the Mayni as an espresso, where its acidity really came through. I also tried the guest, which was much more rounded and less acidic, but equally enjoyable, providing quite a contrast to the Mayni (I also tried the same coffee as a cortado at the Heartland Coffee Bar).

Finally, since Amanda couldn’t come (she was working), I bought the last pecan and salted sticky toffee bun, which we shared when I got back. Put simply, it was amazing, with a really chewy, sticky dough and loads of pecans, while the toffee added a lovely sweetness without making it sickly sweet.

December 2021: Caffeina Coffi was a runner-up for the 2021 Most Unlikely Place to Find a Coffee Spot Award.

Monday 07:30 – 15:00 Roaster Easy José + Heartland (espresso only)
Tuesday 07:30 – 15:00 Seating Tables, Bar, Sofa; Tables (outside)
Wednesday 07:30 – 15:00 Food Breakfast, Lunch, Cake
Thursday 07:30 – 15:00 Service Order at Counter
Friday 07:30 – 15:00 Payment Cards + Cash
Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday CLOSED Power Yes
Chain No Visits 4th, 7th September 2021

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