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The Fahrenheit Coffee logo, a stylised line drawing of a steaming cup of coffee, with the words "Source to Brew" underneath.My limited tour of Singapore’s speciality coffee scene has reached Fahrenheit Coffee, which, during my week in Singapore, was my third home-from-home, along with Narrative Coffee Stand and Pinhole Coffee Bar. Located on Beach Road, one block over from my hotel, I had my first speciality coffee in Singapore at Fahrenheit, while I was also a frequent visitor during the week, often calling in before the start of my meeting for a post-breakfast flat white.

Fahrenheit Coffee is in the lobby of the Spa Club, although it might be more accurate to say that Fahrenheit Coffee is the lobby. A broad, glass-fronted space, there’s a range of seating in the air-conditioned interior, while you can also sit outside at a pair of narrow tables on a shaded section of pavement, well set back from the road.

Fahrenheit offers a standard espresso-based menu, with a selection of single-origins on pour-over through the V60, all roasted by sister company, Community Coffee. If you’re hungry, there’s a selection of cakes and desserts, along with a limited breakfast menu.

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.

  • On the western side of Beach Road is the Spa Club. Here's the view heading north...
  • ... while this is heading south. You might ask what a luxury health and beauty salon has...
  • ... to do with the Coffee Spot, but the answer is here: the lobby is home to Fahrenheit.
  • There are more details on the A-board outside...
  • ... which has the very simple menu on the other side.
  • There's outside seating under the shade of the overhanging upper floors...
  • ... while there's another menu on this lectern by the door.
  • Stepping inside brings you level with the right-hand end of the counter, where you order.
  • There's some seating to the right of the counter/door...
  • ... in the form of this L-shaped bench with its three small, round coffee tables.
  • Next comes a very comfortable three-person sofa in the window opposite the counter.
  • The rest of the seating is at the far, left-hand end of Fahrenheit.
  • There are three of these cube-shaped structures (in use here as stools) in the window...
  • ... with a pair of more conventional stools and their coffee table midway along the wall.
  • Finally, four of the cubes are at the back, three actings as stools, one as a coffee table.
  • A view from the back corner, looking towards the front...
  • ... and a view from the corner of the counter, looking across the width of Fahrenheit.
  • I was very taken by this wooden map on the wall above the corner bench...
  • ... while there was a pleasing simplicity to this display on the wall behind the counter.
  • The ceiling, meanwhile, was full of mirrors, which was very disconcerting!
  • The counter dominates the back of the lobby. The till is at the right-hand end...
  • ... with the cakes and espresso machine to follow to the left.
  • The cake display, like the menu, is minimalist, with the pour-over choices above.
  • The espresso machine, meanwhile, is almost hidden behind the front of the counter.
  • On my first visit, I had a one and one, made with the La Virgen, a washed coffee.
  • I appreciated the little card giving information about the coffee.
  • My one and one without the card in the way.
  • And from above, so you can better appreciate the latte art...
  • ... which lasted all the way to the bottom of the cup. I was a freqent visitor to Fahrenheit...
  • ... during the week, so I'll leave you with one of my many flat whites to go.
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Fahrenheit Coffee is in the lobby of the Spa Club, a luxury health and beauty salon which has occupied its spot on Beach Road since 2013, although Fahrenheit is a much more recent addition, having only opened in 2021. Arguably, it’s the closest to my hotel of the trio of Narrative, Pinhole and Fahrenheit. I could also walk there almost entirely under cover, a distinct advantage when it was raining.

Fahrenheit is deeply recessed under the overhanging upper floors of the building, which is well set back from the busy road. If you can stand the humidity, you’re welcome to sit outside, where a pair of tall, narrow four-person tables stand in front of the windows. These are naturally shaded by the overhanging upper floors, while adjustable blinds at the edge of the pavement can also be lowered to provide additional protection from the sun.

Unlike both Narrative and Pinhole, which are long and thin, Fahrenheit is broad and shallow, with the front almost entirely glass. A sliding glass door on the right opens onto the right-hand end of the counter, which runs for much of the width of the back wall. This corner of the counter, where you order and pay, also acts as the reception area for the spa, with the entrance discreetly tucked away in the corner to the right, just beyond/behind the counter. You’ll find the selection of beans for the pour-over displayed in the middle of the counter, along with the cakes, while the espresso machine is at the far end.

The rest of Fahrenheit is given over to seating, starting with an L-shaped bench to the right of door. This runs a short way along the front wall , before extending halfway down the right-hand wall, where it sits beneath a wooden map of the world. There are also three small, round tables, one at the front and two down the side.

The remaining seating is the left of the door, beginning with a large, three-person sofa directly opposite the counter, its back to window. A pair of wooden cubes act as coffee tables for the sofa. Carrying on, there are three more of the wooden cubes in the window between the sofa and the left-hand wall. Here they’re acting as stools, clustered around another small, round coffee table. A pair of more conventional stools flank a second small, round coffee table halfway down the left-hand wall, while at the back, to the left of the counter, are a final set of the wooden cubes, four in all. While I was there, three were arranged in a line as stools, with the fourth as acting as a coffee table, although I suspect that this arrangement is somewhat flexible.

Fahrenheit was my first stop on my first morning after arriving in Singapore and I opened my account with a one and one, made using the La Virgen, a washed coffee from Nicaragua. As an espresso, this was quite fruity, with an acidic kick on the second sip. It was very smooth in milk, but a little anonymous (which I find can be the case in one and ones, the split shot not having quite enough coffee to cut through the milk).

I returned three times during the week, each for a pre-work flat white in my Frank Green Ceramic cup. Here the double shot of espresso came through the milk much more clearly, producing a smooth, sweet flat white. I also had a post-work pour-over one day (Fahrenheit staying open until six o’clock each evening) which I cunningly failed to photograph or make any notes about!

https://fahrenheitcoffee.sg +65 9049 5324
Monday 08:00 – 18:00 Roaster Community Coffee (espresso + filter)
Tuesday 08:00 – 18:00 Seating Bench, Tables, Sofa; Tables (outside)
Wednesday 08:00 – 18:00 Food Breakfast, Cakes
Thursday 08:00 – 18:00 Service Order at Counter
Friday 08:00 – 18:00 Payment Cards + Cash
Saturday 08:00 – 18:00 Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday 08:00 – 18:00 Power No
Chain No Visits 16th – 21st April 2023

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