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Coffee Addict On Vauxhall Bridge Road, sporting its new, pink colour scheme. It occupies the site of the original Costa Coffee, which opened in 1978 (Coffee Addict, in contrast, opened in 2019).After a couple of months of COVID-19 updates, it’s something of a novelty to be writing a proper Coffee Spot Update for once. My original intention had been to do a COVID-19 Update on Coffee Addict, one of several new coffee shops that opened around Victoria Station last year. However, when I arrived last week, I realised that it had undergone a (non-COVID) makeover, hence the change of plan.

For starters, Coffee Addict is now even pinker than before, with even more flowers. The old blue colour scheme has almost completely gone, as has the single window at the front, replaced by a concertina door/window that can be fully retracted in good weather, seamlessly joining the inside seating with a newly-expanded outside seating area.

At the heart of Coffee Addict are old friends The Roasting Party (espresso and batch brew), backed up by an expanded breakfast/brunch menu, plus copious amounts of cake. And, of course, there’s the familiar warm Coffee Addict welcome.

You can see what else I found after the gallery.

  • A familiar sight at the top of Vauxhall Bridge Road near Victoria Station.
  • It's Coffee Addict, looking even pinker than ever, if that's even possible.
  • If you are wondering how much pinker, here are the equivalent shots...
  • ... from my visit this time last year.
  • Whatever the degree of pinkness, you can't disagree with the message on the A-board.
  • There are other changes. The outdoor seating now has barriers around it...
  • ... and it has expanded to three tables (seen here looking back from the interior).
  • This is what it looked like last year when it had just two tables. Another change is that...
  • ... the single window at the front has gone, replaced with folding doors...
  • ... which can be fully opened in good weather, joining the interior seating with the outside.
  • Talking of which, the interior seating has also undergone an upgrade, with two pairs...
  • ... of armchairs, each with its own coffee table, replacing...
  • ... this long, thin, four-person table that used to be there.
  • The narrow bar on the left-hand wall has survived, although the wall itself is now...
  • ... a mass of pink and white flowers...
  • ... replacing the plain blue wall that was there before.
  • Despite all the changes...
  • ... the message has stayed the same, which is something of a relief!
  • The other wall has undergone a similar transformation, with the retail shelves...
  • ... being replaced with more flowers.
  • The counter is recessed into the back wall, seen here from my visit this time last year.
  • Unsurprisingly, it too has undergone the same change of colour scheme...
  • ... although the menu boards are still there, on the wall above the counter...
  • ... as is the amazing light-fitting that fascinated me when I visited last year...
  • ... although it looks as if the bulbs have been changed (this is from last year).
  • The light fittings over the counter are unchanged though. This is from my latest visit...
  • ... while this is the same shot from last year.
  • Inevitably, there have been some changes due to COVID-19, with a one-way system...
  • ... marked out on the floor. You go up to the counter on the left-hand side...
  • ... along the counter at the back, and then back down on the right-hand side.
  • The handy footprints in blue circles show you where to stand if you need to queue.
  • Another COVID-19 change: a time limit for when its busy.
  • So, to business. You order and pay at the counter, which now has the...
  • ... ubiquitous Perspex screens on the right. That's not the only change though.
  • This is how it looked last year, when the espresso machine was against the back wall.
  • This is now up front on the left-hand side...
  • ... with cakes and pastries moving from under the counter to the right-hand side.
  • The retail bags of Roasting Party coffee, meanwhile, are relegated to the back wall.
  • The menus remain on the wall above the counter, although Coffee Addict has expanded...
  • ... its offerings. This is the new coffee and hot drinks menu (on the left)...
  • ... while this is what was on offer this time last year.
  • Similarly, there is an expanded breakfast/brunch menu on the right...
  • ... again with a comparison to last year's offering.
  • Back to this year and I had a cortado, served on a proper saucer...
  • ... but in a takeaway cup, which meant, of course...
  • ... that I destroyed the latte art when I poured it into my HuskeeCup to drink!
  • I also tried the new food menu, having a bagel for lunch, which is where I'll leave you.
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At first sight, Coffee Addict looks reassuringly familiar, but when you look closer, you realise that there have been quite a few changes, starting with the move to a pink, flower-themed colour scheme, which is even more pronounced inside, where the old blue colour scheme has been replaced by pink, with the side walls covered with flowers.

Then there’s the expanded outdoor seating area, a third two two-person tables having been added, all now separated from the pavement by a series of waist-high barriers. Which, of course, are pink. Even better, the solitary window, which used to run almost the full width of Coffee Addict, stopping only at the door on the left, has gone. In its place is a concertina door/window which, when the weather is good, is fully retracted, effectively making a single, expanded seating area, open to the street.

In keeping with this, there’s now more seating inside, with two sets of armchairs replacing the one, narrow four-person table that used to sit in the window on the right. The only hold-over from the old seating layout is the bar against the left-hand wall, now sporting three tall chairs with low backs.

The counter, recessed at the back, has also had a makeover. The glass top, with cakes and pastries underneath, has been replaced with a smart, marble top, the cakes and pastries moving over to the right-hand side. The espresso machine, meanwhile, has been relocated from the back wall to the left-hand side of the counter, so the barista no longer has to turn away from the customers while making coffee. There’s also been a COVID-19 related change, the usual Perspex screen going up by the till.

Another COVID-19 change is the one-way system, with customers being guided by blue circles on the floor. These lead you up the left-hand side to the counter, along to the right, and then back out again between the two armchairs. Finally, on the COVID front, all drinks are now served in disposable cups.

Talking of which, the drinks menu has had an upgrade, with additions such as Spanish Latte, Black Detox Latte and Butterfly Matcha to go with the usual espresso-based options, plus single-origin batch brew, all from The Roasting Party. There are also more options from Good and Proper Tea for those who don’t want coffee. Just as importantly, there’s an expanded food menu. The toast options remain broadly the same, but if you want a bagel, your choice has increased significantly, with 12 different fillings now on offer. There are also fluffy pancakes and two savoury croissants.

Having only had coffee on my previous visits and, in search of some lunch, I resisted the urge to order the pancakes, instead selecting an avocado, halloumi, hummus and tomato bagel, my poor bagel positively exploding from the overstuffed filling. And very tasty it was too! I paired this with a cortado, which I poured into my HuskeeCup to drink.  This was lovely, smooth and sweet, milk and coffee going together perfectly. In a nice touch, the barista rinsed out my cup when I had finished.

There’s a full write-up of Coffee Addict, including a complete gallery, in its main entry. You can also see what I made of it in my original write-up, from August 2019.

December 2020: Coffee Addict was a runner-up for the 2020 Smallest Coffee Spot Award.

Monday 08:00 – 18:00 Roaster The Roasting Party (espresso + batch brew)
Tuesday 08:00 – 18:00 Seating Table, Bar; Tables (outside)
Wednesday 08:00 – 18:00 Food Breakfast, Lunch, Cake
Thursday 08:00 – 18:00 Service Order at Counter
Friday 08:00 – 18:00 Payment Cards + Cash
Saturday 09:00 – 18:00 Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday CLOSED Power Yes
Chain No Visits Original: 19th July 2019
Update: 18th August 2020

Note that the opening times are temporary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With luck, Coffee Addict will be back to its normal opening times soon.

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