A V60 of the Worka Chelchelie, a natural yeast process coffee from Ethiopia, roasted by Yallah Coffee and served in a glass cup at MONIES in Putney.Last weekend saw me in South West London, where I visited three speciality coffee shops, all of which opened during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Two of these, Lockdown Bakehouse (2020) and Another Brother (June this year) are in Wandsworth, but today’s Coffee Spot, MONIES, is a hop, skip and jump away in Putney.

MONIES, which opened in May this year, is a Cornish-inspired spot, located on Upper Richmond Road between Putney train station and East Putney tube station. It’s a sizeable place, with a generous outdoor terrace at the front, allowing the shop to be set back from the busy road. Inside, the front is largely the preserve of the counter, but there’s plenty of seating at the back.

There’s a seasonal single-origin espresso from Cornwall’s Yallah Coffee, with another single-origin from a guest roaster on pour-over via the V60. There’s Cornish tea (Tregothnan), wine, cocktails, beer and cider, both to drink in and takeaway, plus retail bags of Yallah Coffee, joined by local roaster, Curious Roo. If you’re hungry, there’s Cornish ice cream (from the Monies family farm, no less), plus pre-made sandwiches, cakes and pastries from The Bread Factory, and brownies from The Post Box Bakery.

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.

  • A newcomer on Upper Richmond Road, MONIES is a slice of Cornwall in Putney.
  • The large, outdoor seating terrace has tables on the left...
  • ... and tables on the right.
  • The view from the back (on the left). In all there are five tables on each side...
  • ... with one at the front and two rows of two behind that.
  • It's the same on the right-hand side.
  • The front of MONIES is all glass, with a central glass door.
  • The window on the right says 'BAR' (and, ironically, has the coffee machine in it)...
  • ... while the window on the left says 'COFFEE' and has a window-bar.
  • The window-bar, seen from the inside. It's the only seating at the front of MONIES...
  • ...which is otherwise dominated by the counter on the right.
  • The remaining seating is at the back, with more light from the window in the back wall.
  • On the left, just after the chiller cabinet and retail shelves, is a four-person table...
  • ... while opposite that on the right is this three-person table, just beyond the counter.
  • Returning to the left-hand side, there are two more four-person tables...
  • ... one perpendicular to the wall and this one, in the corner, parallel to it.
  • Check out the generous provision of power outlets (they have USB ports too).
  • A padded bench runs along the back/right-hand wall, with a final table on the right.
  • A busy corner, with power outlets, mirror, window, plants, light and a vertical radiator.
  • The plants, enjoying the sunlight by the window.
  • Despite the windows, there are plenty of lights. This one is in the back, left-hand corner.
  • Obligatory light bulb shot.
  • And from my new favourite vantage point, directly underneath.
  • There are also art works on the walls, like this one in the back room...
  • ... and this one at the front.
  • This large chiller cabinet stands opposite the counter. As well as various soft drinks...
  • ... there are pre-made sandwiches..
  • ... and various goodies such as this butter from Estate Dairy.
  • There are more goodies on the shelves at the front of the chiller cabinet...
  • ... and at the back, where you'll find the wine. There's beer and cider in the fridge!
  • To business. You order at the back of the counter on the right...
  • ... where you'll find yourself next to the cakes and pastries...
  • ... with the hot drinks menu on the wall straight ahead.
  • You'll also find printed menus...
  • ... with alcohol on the other side.
  • The coffee is from Cornish roasters, Yallah Coffee...
  • ... with detals of the current seasonal espresso and filter offerings on the wall.
  • That said, while I was there, MONIES was switching over on espresso to this one...
  • ... the Las Cotorras, a washed coffee from Mexico.
  • I had this, a natural yeast processed coffee from the Worka Chelchelie washing station...
  • ... in Ethiopia, which is the filter option, made using the V60 and served in a glass cup.
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MONIES was a chance discovery as I wandered along Upper Richmond Road. These days I have a fairly well-tuned speciality coffee sense and it looked the part from the off. On the north side of the street, on the corner with Oxford Road, it’s slightly closer to East Putney tube station than to Putney train station, but there’s not much in it.

Set back from the street, there’s a large outdoor seating area at the front, with 10 two/three-person tables, five on each side. This starts with a single table on each side at the front, followed by two rows of two. Being south-facing, MONIES catches the sun for most of the day, so the large black and white striped awning which, extends from the front of the shop, provides some welcome shade to the rear-most row.

MONIES has floor-to-ceiling windows which stretch the full width of the store, access provided by a central glass door. Inside, the front is dominated by the counter on the right, with the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine and Mythos One grinder strategically placed in the window. Meanwhile, on the left-hand side, an L-shaped window bar runs across the front from the door, before extending an equal distance down the left-hand wall, after which comes a large chiller cabinet, retail shelves to either side.

MONIES occupies what I take to the ground floor of an old house, the front and back rooms knocked through, leaving a small stub of wall on the right, just beyond the end of the counter. The bulk of the seating starts at this point, extending into the back room, which is slightly narrower than the front, ending with a single large window in middle of back wall. Coupled with the windows at the front, this makes for a very bright, welcoming space.

There’s a four-person table on left, opposite the stub of the old party wall, where you’ll find a three-person square table. The remaining seating is in the back room itself, with a four-person table on the left, perpendicular to the wall, and a second four-person table, this time parallel with the wall, beyond that. There’s a final four-person table parallel with the right-hand wall, seating provided by a mix of stools and benches, including a padded bench which runs down the right-hand wall and all the way across the back wall.

If you’re wondering about the Cornish connection, by the way, the owner, Rob, is from Cornwall. MONIES is something of a work-in-progress, with Rob planning to expand the food offering to include toasties and simple egg dishes, as well as potentially extending the opening hours into the evenings.

Rob is serious about his coffee, having also invested in an UberMilk (along with all the espresso kit) to improve the workflow. Yallah Coffee provides a seasonal single-origin on espresso (currently the Las Cotorras from Mexico), although I went for the pour-over option, another single-origin, this time from Brew Coffee Plus. This is an indigenous heirloom varietal from the Worka Chelchelie washing station in Ethiopia, a naturally-processed coffee with an initial fermentation stage, to which yeast is added (sometimes known as the “natural yeast” process). Prepared using the V60 and served in a glass cup, this turned out to be a really rich, juicy coffee which nicely rounded off my day.

December 2021: MONIES was a runner-up for the 2021 Best Coffee Spot near a Railway Station Award.

Monday 07:30 – 16:30 Roaster Yallah Coffee (espresso + filter)
Tuesday 07:30 – 16:30 Seating Tables, Window-bar; Tables (outside)
Wednesday 07:30 – 16:30 Food Sandwiches, Cakes
Thursday 07:30 – 16:30 Service Order at Counter
Friday 07:30 – 16:30 Payment Cards + Cash
Saturday 08:30 – 17:30 Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday 08:30 – 17:30 Power Yes
Chain No Visits 3rd October 2021

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