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A lovely cortado in a glass, made with Neighbourhood Coffee's Espresso Yourself blend at Costigan's Coffee.Costigan’s Coffee is Rhyl’s first speciality coffee shop, part of Costigan’s Coworking space, conveniently located across the street from both the town’s bus and train stations (there’s plenty of parking nearby if you’re driving). It’s a joint venture between Town Square, the national coworking group behind Costigan’s, and none other than brothers Phil and Andy of Bank Street Social fame (Wrexham’s first speciality coffee and craft beer shop). As well as Costigan’s, the duo are also in charge of another Town Square Coffee shop in Barnstaple of all places (the first coffee shop to be opened by Zoom, according to Phil), with more on the cards.

Although part of Costigan’s Coworking space, Costigan’s Coffee has its own entrance from the street, effectively making it a standalone coffee shop (although you can also come in through the coworking space). The offering is, for now, being kept simple, with an espresso-based menu driven by the Espresso Yourself blend from Neighbourhood Coffee, along with its (I Can’t Get No) Caffeination decaf, backed up by a selection of tea from Brew Tea Co. If you’re hungry, there’s a simple toast-based breakfast menu, along with various toasties/toasted ciabattas for lunch, plus a range of cakes.

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  • Costigan's Coworking space on Bodfor Street in Rhyl...
  • ... and, next door down in the same building, it's Costigan's Coffee.
  • The view coming the other way (if you're heading towards the stations).
  • Talking of stations, that's Rhyl train station (as seen from the corner by Costigan's)...
  • ... and this, to the left, is the bus station.
  • Returning to Costigan's Coffee, don't be put off by the somewhat imposing door.
  • This is the view from the inside. It's rather solid and has no windows, but the good news...
  • ... is that it's automatic and swings open, as if by magic, at the touch of a button!
  • Stepping inside, the counter is at the back on the left-hand side...
  • ... while you'll find this two-person table in front of the window to your left.
  • The bulk of the seating is in the right-hand side of Costigan's Coffee.
  • There's another two-person table in front of the first window...
  • ... then comes this larger table with benches in front of the second window.
  • The view back towards the counter in the left-hand part of Costigan's Coffee. There's...
  • ... seating at the back, with two more tables like this (the second's out of shot to the right).
  • At the right-hand end, glass doors lead to the coworking space. This makes for a very...
  • ... bright coffee shop, particularly when the sun is streaming in through the windows.
  • As you can probably tell, I was very taken by the shadows on the tables!
  • To business. You order at the counter...
  • ... where you'll find the Sanremo espresso machine and the selection of tea.
  • There's also a small selection of cakes in a display case on the corner.
  • This also has soft drinks, while there are more in the in-built fridge below.
  • You order down the right-hand side of the counter...
  • ... where you'll find the menus conveniently placed on the wall in front of you.
  • The all-important coffee menu.
  • Standing here also gives you a good view of the espresso machine.
  • This isn't mine, by the way, I just like watching espresso extract.
  • Instead, I had a cortado, served in a glass...
  • ... which is where I'll leave you, admiring the neat latte art.
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Costigan’s Coffee is coming up on its first anniversary, having opened in May 2021, during Costigan’s Coworking’s extended soft opening period (Costigan’s Coworking has just had its official launch at the start of the month). The iconic building is a lot older, dating back to the 19th century, and was once home to Costigan’s pub, but the building became derelict and was then badly damaged by fire in 2009 before being restored by Denbighshire Council, with the help of European and Welsh Government funds.

You can’t miss Costigan’s, which is in front of you on the right-hand side of the street as you come out of the train station, while if you’ve arrived by bus, it’s immediately to the right. Head in the direction of the seafront (a 10-minute stroll away) and Costigan’s is on your right. First you’ll pass the main entrance to Costigan’s Coworking, followed shortly by the door to Costigan’s Coffee. Although it’s kept open in the warm weather, it can look a little foreboding when closed (as it has no windows), but don’t worry: it’s automatic. Press the button and it will magically swing open for you.

Costigan’s Coffee has three windows running along the front, one to the left of the door, the other two to the right. Inside, it’s split into two spaces, with the door leading you into the left-hand part, which is roughly square, the counter occupying much of the back wall on the left. Meanwhile, to your left, a solitary, round, two-person table occupies the space in front of the window, with the bulk of the seating in the right-hand part.

This is slightly bigger, having two windows along the front. The first window, immediately to the right of the door, is home to another round, two-person table, while the second window has a larger, rectangular table with a padded bench on either side. There are two more small, round tables in front of a padded bench along the back wall, but that’s it as far as seating goes, unless you want to sit outside, where two more two-person tables stand on the pavement to the right of the door, one for each of the windows.

Costigan’s Coffee faces southwest, so it catches the sun, particularly in the afternoon, when it streams in through the three windows. At the right-hand end, glass doors separate the coffee shop from the coworking space. This, coupled with the windows, makes for a very bright, open space which feels a lot bigger than it is, helped by the high ceilings.

You order at the counter, which has the espresso machine and cakes along the front, although the till is around the corner on the right-hand side, where you’ll find the menus conveniently located on the wall directly ahead of you. Once you’ve ordered, take a seat, and your drinks will be brought over to you.

I’d only popped in for a quick coffee, Costigan’s Coffee using the ubiquitous Espresso Yourself blend from Neighbourhood Coffee. Having previously enjoyed this as a flat white at Bank Street Social, I had a cortado. Served in a commendably small glass, it was the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, allowing the coffee to shine, with its classic toffee and chocolate notes coming clearly through.

Having met Andy at Bank Street Social, I found his brother, Phil, behind the counter at Costigan’s Coffee. I had only meant to say hello, but just like Andy, Phil is extremely sociable, and in the end I had to drag myself away with the entirely legitimate excuse that I had a train to catch!

40 BODFOR STREET • RHYL • LL18 1AT +44 (0) 1745 299880
Monday 08:00 – 14:30 Roaster Neighbourhood (espresso only)
Tuesday 08:00 – 14:30 Seating Tables; Tables (outside)
Wednesday 08:00 – 14:30 Food Breakfast, Lunch, Cake
Thursday 08:00 – 14:30 Service Order at Counter
Friday 08:00 – 14:30 Payment Cards + Cash
Saturday CLOSED Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday CLOSED Power Yes
Chain National Visits 17th March 2022

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