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The Probat roaster at the heart of the new roastery at Fourtillfour in Socttsdale, Arizona.Fourtillfour is one of a new crop of coffee shops that have recently opened in Scottdale (just to the east of Phoenix), joining old hands, Cartel Coffee Lab. What sets Fourtillfour apart, other than its award-winning outdoor patio, is that it combines speciality coffee with the passion of the owners (Nico and Mia) for vintage cars, the couple often organising rallies and other events.

I first visited Fourtillfour in February 2018, at the end of the first of two USA trips that year. Back then it was using San Francisco’s Four Barrel, although following Four Barrel’s well-publicised troubles, Nico and Mia were in the process of choosing a new roaster. When I returned the following month, FourTillFour had switched to another Californian roaster, Verve, although that was just a stop-gap while Nico and Mia moved to their ultimate solution, roasting their own coffee, which went live in October last year.

You can see what I found when I popped back in January after the gallery.

  • Fourtillfour in Scottsdale, looking remarkably similar to how it did last year...
  • ... although that sign definitely wasn't there when I was last here!
  • Nor, for that matter, was this one at the side entrance. And neither was the table!
  • There are other changes. This is last year, when there was a sign above the roll-up shutter.
  • The umbrealls are also yellow now, but otherwise the outside looks much the same.
  • Let's go in, shall we? (photo from last year)
  • Inside, not much has changed. The water station is still there on the left, although...
  • ... it's shifted slightly, to make room for the clothing rack, which means the stools are gone.
  • The awesome light-fittings are still there...
  • ... although I'm hard-pressed to tell one of these shots is this year and which is last!
  • I even took photos of the same light fittings...
  • What a creature of habit I am! Again, not sure which is which year.
  • I did notice this cactus though which might be new this year.
  • This, however, is definitely new: the retail bags of Four Coffee on the shelves...
  • ... while the menu above the counter is also new since my last visit in March last year.
  • All of which leads us onto the main change. Off to the left...
  • ... the side room used to have some extra seating...
  • ... including this sofa, handy if you wanted to watch a movie.
  • However, all that's gone now, the room having been turned into a roastery.
  • The book shelf is still there, although it's moved walls.
  • Instead, pride of place goes to the Probat roaster...
  • ... and the obligatory sack of green beans.
  • Right, time to sample the output (photo from last year).
  • I had a shot of the espresso, served in a classic espresso cup...
  • ... while the lid of my Therma Cup made for an excellent plate for my doughnut.
  • I'll leave you with Fourtillfour's Coffee Spot Award certificate, which I dropped off.
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On first sight, Fourtillfour was much as I remembered it, the outdoor terrace still basking in the Arizona sun. However, as I got closer, I began to notice the differences, a sign out front proudly proclaiming “House-roasted Coffee”. This is even more apparent if you enter from the side, where there’s a table selling retail bags of coffee.

The real giveaway is inside. Although the main room, with the counter at the back, is unchanged, the side room, which used to offer additional seating, is now the roastery, a large Probat roaster taking pride of place, along with the obligatory sack of green beans, a washed Honduran single-origin, Nico and Mia having spent several months researching their options, including taking a trip to origin. In another claim to fame, Fourtillfour works directly with the farm, making it one the few coffee shop/roasters to deal solely in directly-traded coffee.

For now, Fourtillfour roasts twice a week, going under the brand “Four Coffee”. Currently it’s just used in the shop, although you can buy retail bags to take home. The same coffee is used for both the espresso and batch-brew options. Naturally I had to try some, going for a shot of espresso, which, I have to say, was excellent. Although a little bright, it was really smooth and surprisingly sweet. I paired this with the last of the day’s blueberry doughnuts, an equally lovely concoction.

Another change is that Fourtillfour, which only used to open from Thursday to Sunday, is now doing so well that it’s open seven days a week, although it still shuts at the relatively early hour of two o’clock.

Dion’t forget to check out my full write-up of Fourtillfour, which includes a complete gallery. If you’re interested, you can see what I made of it in my original write-up, from January 2018.

7105 EAST 1ST AVENUE • SCOTTSDALE • PHOENIX • AZ 85251 • USA +1 602 888 3583
Monday 07:00 – 14:00 Roaster Fourtillfour (espresso + batch-brew)
Tuesday 07:00 – 14:00 Seating Stools; Tables, Bar (outside)
Wednesday 07:00 – 14:00 Food Toast, Doughnuts
Thursday 07:00 – 14:00 Service Counter
Friday 07:00 – 14:00 Cards Amex, Mastercard, Visa
Saturday 07:00 – 14:00 Wifi Free (with code)
Sunday 07:00 – 14:00 Power No
Chain No Visits Original: 11th February, 23rd March 2018
Update: 5th January 2019

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