Open Grounds Café (COVID-19)

My brie and cranberry sandwich, along with my flat white, sitting in the sun on the patio at Open Grounds Café.I first heard of Open Grounds Café, another new addition to Guildford’s speciality coffee scene, in November last year, when Jonathon of Canopy Coffee tipped me off about a new coffee shop opening in the Baptist Church on Millmead, down by the river. I duly popped down in December, during that brief period when sit-in customers were allowed in the run-up to Christmas, but I didn’t have time to write it up. Then came further COVID-19 restrictions and Open Grounds switched to a takeaway operation.

However, at the start of April, the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed, allowing coffee shops to serve customers at outdoor seating. This was something that Open Grounds, with a large terrace in front of the church, was ideally placed to take advantage of. I made a brief visit (on my way to a wedding) and then returned last week for a more in-depth look.

Open Grounds is very much a lunchtime coffee shop, opening from 10:00 to 14:00, with a standard espresso-based menu built around a single-origin Brazilian from Ethicaladdictions, plus decaf and batch brew filter. There’s tea, soft drinks, soup, a small selection of sandwiches and curry puffs, plus a range of cakes, scones and pastries.

You can read more of my thoughts after the gallery.

  • Guildford Baptist Church on Millmead, home of Open Grounds Café.
  • Access is via this broad flight of steps (there's also a ramp off to the right).
  • At some point (hopefully in the next few weeks) you'll be able to head in via these doors.
  • For now, however, you need to enter via the patio, where a member of staff awaits.
  • There's plenty of seating out on the patio in the form of two-person tables.
  • This is the view from the back of the patio at the top of the stairs...
  • ... and this is the view from the opposite side (still at the back).
  • Take a seat, where you'll find your table number (4 in this case), an instruction card...
  • ... plus a menu, which features drinks...
  • ... and food.
  • Once you've decided what you want, head inside to order.
  • This is the view from just inside the door. The normal entrance is off to the right...
  • ... where you get this view. This is where the indoor seating will be (hopefully very soon)!
  • For now, though, the bare floor just has the COVID-19 social distance markers...
  • ... which lead you to the back, left-hand corner...
  • ... which is where you go to order.
  • The counter, plus staff.
  • You order at the till, which is just past the cakes.
  • The all important La Marzocco Linea espresso machine, plus Mythos 1 grinder.
  • The main espresso is a single-origin Brazilian from Ethicaladdictions...
  • ... while there's a decaf option, a Colombian single-origin, from SkyLark.
  • Once you are done, head back outside, this bookcase separating you from the counter.
  • The front of Open Grounds, which opens onto the patio.
  • On my first visit, in mid-April, I just had a flat white, sitting at Table 5...
  • ... while on my return, I ended up on Table 4, ordering a brie and cranberry sandwhich...
  • ... to go with my flat white, which is where I'll leave you.
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Open Grounds Café is part of Guildford Baptist Church and is the result of a 10-year long building project which came to a successful conclusion last year. Opening in December 2020 as a community coffee shop, Open Grounds has a full-time manager, but otherwise it is run by volunteer staff.

The church is set back and slightly above the River Wey at Millmead (the “slightly above” part being important since the river has flooded here three times in the 25 years I’ve been in Guildford). Approaching from the river, you reach the church through a large, open space with several low, backless benches dotted around. A central, paved section, flanked by grass and trees on either side, leads to a terrace in front of the church which runs for about half its width on the left-hand side. Access is via a broad flight of steps on the right, or a ramp to the right of that, which runs up from the back.

In due course, you’ll be able to go straight from the top of the stairs and through the doors ahead of you, which lead directly into a large, open foyer with windows on three sides and a skylight towards the back. This magnificent space, which is about as big as the terrace, is home to Open Grounds. For now, however, you have to go via the seating area on the terrace, where you’re greeted by a member of staff. If you’ve come for takeaway, you’ll be sent straight in, otherwise, you’ll be shown to a table and have the procedures (which we’ll come to) explained to you.

There’s plenty of space on the terrace, where you’ll find eight two-person tables neatly laid out. With the exception a single table in the middle, these are around the edges, and, on the two occasions I’ve been, two of the tables have been pushed together to form a single table for four. Take a seat, check in with the NHS App (paper forms are also available) and browse the menu. Once you’ve decided what you want, head inside to order.

At the back of the terrace, the front of Open Ground consists of three broad, floor-to-ceiling windows, the central one of which slides open, letting into the foyer, which is currently clear of seating. Head to the back, beyond the windows, where you’ll find the counter on the left-hand side, the till located in the middle, just past the cakes. Once you’ve ordered, you either wait at the end of the counter, or head back to the terrace by following the arrows on the floor. These lead you around to your right and back on the other side of a chest-high bookshelf (home to Open Grounds’ library) which separates you from the counter.

On both my visits, I had a flat white, made with a single-origin Brazilian from Ethicaladdictions, a new roaster to me, which hails from Gloucestershire. This goes very well with milk, resulting in a classic flat white with chocolate notes. There’s also decaf and filter options from Brighton’s SkyLark Coffee, a relatively new roaster which I first came across at Canopy Coffee. On my second visit, I had a bit more time, so also ordered a brie and cranberry sandwich which I enjoyed while sitting out in the sun.

May 2021: Open Grounds has now re-opened its inside seating area, which you can read about in my Coffee Spot Update. It has also instituted training days on Tuesdays (which started on May 18th) when the café is open, but the staff are trainees, so you are asked to be extra patient.

December 2021: Open Grounds Café was a runner-up for the 2021 Most Popular Coffee Spot Award.

Monday CLOSED Roaster Ethicaladdictions (espresso) + SkyLark (batch brew)
Tuesday CLOSED Seating Tables (outside)
Wednesday 10:00 – 14:00 Food Lunch, Cake
Thursday 10:00 – 14:00 Service Order at Counter
Friday 10:00 – 14:00 Payment Card Only
Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 Wifi TBC
Sunday CLOSED Power N/A
Chain No Visits Original: 16th April, 1st May 2021
Update: 3rd June

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