Welcome to the Coffee Spot Shop, where I sell the occasional Coffee Spot related merchandising. This includes my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, along with more books from the The Philosophy of… range, plus the annual Coffee Spot Calendar, now into its eighth year!

The Coffee Spot Calendar

Available as a wall calendar with full, A4 pictures and a smaller desktop version, with each month featuring a landscape picture from one of my favourite Coffee Spots of the last 12 months.

The Philosophy of Coffee

You can now buy my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, which was published on 25th January 2018 by the British Library. Unless you specify otherwise, I’ll sign all copies and you can even ask for a specific dedication if you like (use the “Order Notes” box on the Checkout Page if you want a specific dedication).

Please note that this is a great time to order a copy since, due to COVID-19, I’m not travelling at the moment and can usually dispatch any orders within a day or two. Alternatively, if you want a (non-signed) copy, you can buy one direct from the British Library.

The Philosophy of… Series

As well as my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, I’m now selling other books in the British Library’s The Philosophy of… series. Unless you specify otherwise, I WON’T sign these (since I didn’t write them!) but if you want me to, just put a note in the “Order Notes” box on the Checkout Page and I’ll write something inside (you can even ask for a specific dedication if you want).

The books I’m stocking are:


If you would like support the work I do, then you can either back me on Patreon or you could just buy me a cup of coffee (this is a straight donation, by the way, but I promise to spend it on coffee…).

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