The Philosophy of Cheese


The Philosophy of Cheese is a companion volume to my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, part of the British Library’s The Philosophy of… series. This little book (just 112 pages) with beautiful illustrations sourced from the British Library collection, makes a perfect gift for cheese lovers, answering important questions such as “can I eat this cheese rind?” and shedding light on why Cheddar stands as a symbol for industrialisation.

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The cover of The Philosophy of Cheese, published by the British Library.The Philosophy of Cheese, by Patrick McGuigan, traces the history of cheese from its roots over 7,000 years ago right up to the artisan cheese renaissance happening in the US today. It covers topics as diverse as Feta’s relation to ancient faiths, the influence of monks on Munster, the rise of Roquefort and the global trade of Gouda.

Alongside surprising and little-known stories of much-loved cheeses, The Philosophy of Cheese will teach you how to effectively store your cheese, how to pair it with alcohol for an exquisite tasting and how to create the cheeseboard of your dreams.


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