The Philosophy of Wine


The Philosophy of Wine is a companion volume to my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, part of the British Library’s The Philosophy of… series. This little book (just 112 pages) with beautiful illustrations sourced from the British Library collection, makes a perfect gift for wine lovers, covering casks to bottles and feet to presses,.

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The cover of The Philosophy of Wine, published by the British Library.The Philosophy of Wine, by Ruth Ball, is a witty history of the cultivation and enjoyment of wine, shedding light on wine’s rich traditions from around the world. It includes chapters on the development of wine production, as well as tracing the global shift of wine production from traditional wine-producing regions to emerging wine exporters.

With a selective focus on unexpected facts and lesser-known characters connected with wine, from the Greek god of wine, to the monks who created Champagne and the first wine smugglers, this slim volume explores the historical influences that have shaped our drinking taste. It even comments on the effect of global warming, and where the story of wine might be going next….


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