The Philosophy of Gin


The Philosophy of Gin is a companion volume to my book, The Philosophy of Coffee, part of the British Library’s The Philosophy of… series. This little book (just 112 pages) with beautiful illustrations sourced from the British Library collection, makes a perfect gift for gin lovers, exploring its origins in Holland and its roots in medicine through the destructive escapism of the Gin Craze right up to its current status as a popular social beverage.

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The cover of The Philosophy of Gin, published by the British Library.The Philosophy of Gin, by Jane Peyton, is a light cultural history of this dramatic and multi-faceted spirit. It covers Gin’s historic transformation from medicinal drink to modern day craft beverage. It also explores how gin, once given a wide berth by the middle and upper classes, now attracts such a large proportion of the British public to name it as their tipple of choice.


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